Dubai is known to be the most adventurous city just because of its evening desert safari. Desert Safari is such a favorite adventure place for visitors, so they can be captured in the best moment of their life. If you want to some fantastic and best desert safari deals, then must see my previous articles in which I’m covering desert safari deals of today’s date. We as the best desert safari company provide you some budget full deals and discounts to further maximize your enjoyment.

However, Dubai is undoubtedly the most happening and full of entertainment stop for you on Earth. Every single person should have to visit Dubai for once at least in a lifetime to actually feel their romantic moments. Dubai is the most popular and attractive destination for the tourists in the entire world. Dubai is very transformed now, there activity places, beaches, restaurants, and even transportation become much accessible now.

The transportation system in Dubai is very convenient, yet sometimes it can be challenging to find out the right vehicle. But over-all with the technological improvements and modernization of Dubai, the transport chain has also very upgraded now and expanded even more significantly. The active transport system in Dubai is truly amazing for the rest of the world.

Transport of Dubai And Their Local Charges

  1. Palm Jumeirah Monorail:

The Palm Jumeirah Monorail is the convenient yet driverless option for you, as it is an energetic way to further travel from Dubai Marina to the Palm Jumeirah. This only 5-minute journey can cost up to AED 15. You can also get an AED 5 discount if you buy a return ticket too. It has two central stations that are the Gateway Towers and Aquaventure Park.

  1. Water Buses:

Water Buses are the most popular and an attractive form of transport for many of the tourists. These super comfortable and full of air-conditioned water buses have become an exciting way to travel for the people. It has five routes in which four of them charged will be AED 2, and the rest fifth one can be charged up to AED 50.

  1. Rental Cars:

Rental cars are the smartest way to commute for those who do not want to stay for long in Dubai, in just AED 200, you can easily rent a Circa and experience a comfortable journey with complete privacy. Rental cars may have different cost according to the destination and pick-up area.

  1. Local Buses:

The local buses’ network is pretty extensive and gives you a type of 80 routes over in Dubai. These buses are very comfortable and provide you with fare charges. In almost AED 2, people can actually experience the comfort of an air-conditioning bus which is safe drive too. Also, there are many specific Local buses as well which connects you with those iconic tourist spots though these local Buses are mainly directed by RTA.

  1. Dubai Metro:

The fastest, yet comfortable, way to travel across Dubai is Dubai Metro. The actual lowest fare is AED 2, which can also go as far as up to AED 6.5.

  1. Taxis:

Taxis are also very convenient and ready to go option for you which is just one call away.

Welcome to the world of Safari, this is the most adventurous yet enjoyable visit for you. In this article, I am covering Desert Safari Deals for you and especially for those people who want to maximize their enjoyment level to its peak. An evening desert safari can provide you with thousands of memories of a lifetime.

Lots of tourists and even those who lived in Dubai can quickly get a chance to experience the grand evening, and they should not miss the chance ever. As the time pass, and the sun finally meets to its destination, the mesmerizing beauty of Dubai will surely be amazed you by its twinkling shine. There are hundreds of desert safari deals in Dubai available, and people can easily explore some more adventures while visiting that place at the perfect time.


  • Camel Ride and Belly Dance:

As we all know that, in Dubai, the best desert safari deals are not even complete without a perfect camel ride (separate charges will apply). Also, people can rest near a bone fire, and those ladies who are crazy about “henna” can enjoy the traditional henna designs at the same place with different unique designs and patterns. The evening desert safari converts into more beautiful and a lot more colorful with that special belly and Tanura dances, you will surely love it.

  • Four Wheel Luxurious Vehicle:

This is the most fun, and a powerful four-wheel vehicle which gives you a perfect long ride must try it. This is a full adventure feeling when you are traveling in a comfortable four-wheel vehicle which provides you with more enjoyment and funny moments to be captured for. By this, people get a chance to watch and catch the beautiful heartwarming scenery of this fantastic Arabian desert.

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  • Thrill of Sand Boarding:

If you are true thrill lover, then this sand bashing or sand boarding game is perfect for you. This is actually not for those faint-hearted people, as only thrill lovers have the full heart to do some adventure. As the experienced driver runs through the rough area of sand hills, you can actually feel the blood speeding to the brain. Same as this, squad riding and Sand Boarding are similar but less in the thrill, however, they can efficiently maximize your excitement.

  • Selfie Crazy People in Evening Desert Safari:

While visiting this beautiful evening safari desert, the first thing which is come to our mind is taking selfies. And yes, the tons of scenic beauties will admire you to take a selfie with it. You will have a chance to make a perfect group Selfie with your friends while having fun on the sand hills, enjoy the mesmerizing tour of Evening Safari Desert Dubai.

An evening desert safari is one of the best adventure yet most attractive place to anyone; you will enjoy it while visiting with the family or even as a single one. If we talk about the desert safari, it is the most unforgettable place and the most thrilling for any of the individual person. You will get a total entertainment package with many desert safari deals in Dubai to include everything like dune bashing, sizzling barbecues, photo halts to ecstatic Tanura, and a rollercoaster ride on an off-roader.

I’m covering desert safari deals in which people can easily calculate their total budget while planning to visit Desert safari. It will cost you about AED 1000 for a family of five people for perfect VIP pick up and waiter services. You will love to enjoy that evening which gives you a quite budget-friendly cost to visit the desert safari in Dubai. A bus pickup safari causes down the fare half in many of the facts. If we calculate per person cost of a trip, for instance, is cut to 55 AED from startlingly 200 AED.

Also, if you want to go with your own car, then it probably even drops down to 40 AED. The only possible thing is that you will actually have to report at the exact meeting point by self-drive desert safari and after that the entire tour is same, and you will love that adventurous place from every little bit of it.

We as a best desert safari company will provide you daily deals and vouchers which are available on our social sites. As you know that most of the Dubai Adventures social pages purpose is to offer you further the full variety of deals and discounts on the fun-filled ventures.

Everything You Want to Know About Safari:

Desert Safari is getting more attraction by the people, and the attraction may last about six to eight usually hours. This is just because the package they bought for, and the package will also extend to fully twelve (12) hours with an overnight stay as well. The opening of the evening desert safari usually begins at four in the afternoon daily and then continues to welcome visitors till ten at night. However, Dubai desert safari is yet popular for its back to back fully packed entertainment and pleasure.

Usually, it begins with the visitor’s pickup from the assigned point. At first, it all starts with the fantastic rollercoaster ride on four by four in the cottony desert forward with sand surfing or even with the skiing is the real mood changing the experience for trippers, who are welcomed with the fun snacks like delicious falafels upon arriving Bedouin style campsite.

After that, a traditional show begins to ecstatic display or Tanura dance which entertained visitors even more, while they rest on that comfy cushion. A perfect henna application platform which admire the females so that they can get henna designed perfectly on their palms and hands while the sumptuous barbeque is ready to be served with own choice of soft drinks.

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing, the Dubai government‘s power that distributes permissions to tour operators, is also set in the same attempts to give as many facilities to the visitors as possible and secure authentic Emirati desert safari.

Camping in the United Arab Emirates is very difficult, the UAE is one of the safest, charming and enjoyable places to spend the night outdoors. The climate is usually very beautiful and predictable and warm and its winter is obviously the most popular time to camping in this state. The temperature is perfect. There are no wild animals ready to eat you, you feel no danger to move anywhere in this state.

Travelling to Dubai is not complete if you not visit desert safari. Visit desert safari deals is the best experience that offered to the first-time travelers of an Arabian state. But move to desert safari is not easy for you if you visit first time this city. You need to prepare yourself well before the tour of the safari or you may regret yourself ever enjoyed this activity. For your help and guide here sharing some tips of Do’s and Don’ts for desert Safari tour newbies.

Do Bring motion sickness medicine:

You prepare yourself for the most adventurous and craziest trip of your life, obviously you don’t want to spoil your best trip for your sickness. You must have an anti-dizziness medication whether you feel sickness or not, but during your trip activity due to some actions you will get motion sickness. Many tourists who thought they feel relax and comfortable with the rides and with desert actions and adventures still end up getting ill during the tour or after the tour. While it is likely that the tour guide or staff from the desert safari companies in the city carry different sorts of first aid medication. So, it is still advisable that the guest must bring the medication that may be required or may not be but the important thing is that you must keep it to avoid any adverse reactions. So, enjoy your trip with precautions.

Do Pack Light:

 It is not necessary that you need these tips and guide only for desert safaris, not only for this tour but for all other tours where you are ready to go. But this tip and instructions is extremely essential for this especial activity because bringing in a loaded or heavy carry-on luggage would deter a relax and enjoyable evening desert safari experience. Your hand carry or bag will be a nuisance at the dune ride, you will get loaded for the camel to carry, it would cause spare or extra worry specifically if you have expensive things and fragile items in it.

Do not overeat before the tour of desert safari:

 It is obviously you would not want to throw up or get sick during the tour of desert safari, feeling terrible or sick will not just waste your desert tour experience bad but also leave bad impression for your remarkable memory. Do not force yourself to go hungry, too, you just have your breakfast very light and at least 3 hours before the ride to make sure that your breakfast or meal has been completely digested. You should avoid drinking up too much before you set off or your stomach will not relax and feel comfortable when you wore the car seatbelt.

Do not feel shy for asking more Dunes:

 This tip is for the risk-taker, those who live for thrilling experiences. Different desert safari guests have enjoyed a lot the dune buggy ride mostly because not only does the driver steer the car very fast, but he also gets competitive and struggles or tries to beat the other buggy drivers. They try to move faster and wanted to win the race. The exhibitions and stunts are terrifying and they are surely not for the faint-hearted. If you relax and enjoy this, then you do not need to be shy and let your driver know. If you show your interest. You driver will, without any hesitation, satisfy and relax your craving.

In the last but not the least Dubai trip is very special and remarkable for every visitor. But you need to be prepared and it will take some planning, preparation and information related to the city. You will ned to know where you are moving, who is going with you and how long you intend to stay. Make sure you have each and everything that you need for the trip.