Best Evening Desert Safari Dubai Deals and Discounts

Car in the Desert

Welcome to the world of Safari, this is the most adventurous yet enjoyable visit for you. In this article, I am covering Desert Safari Deals for you and especially for those people who want to maximize their enjoyment level to its peak. An evening desert safari can provide you with thousands of memories of a lifetime.

Lots of tourists and even those who lived in Dubai can quickly get a chance to experience the grand evening, and they should not miss the chance ever. As the time pass, and the sun finally meets to its destination, the mesmerizing beauty of Dubai will surely be amazed you by its twinkling shine. There are hundreds of desert safari deals in Dubai available, and people can easily explore some more adventures while visiting that place at the perfect time.


  • Camel Ride and Belly Dance:

As we all know that, in Dubai, the best desert safari deals are not even complete without a perfect camel ride (separate charges will apply). Also, people can rest near a bone fire, and those ladies who are crazy about “henna” can enjoy the traditional henna designs at the same place with different unique designs and patterns. The evening desert safari converts into more beautiful and a lot more colorful with that special belly and Tanura dances, you will surely love it.

  • Four Wheel Luxurious Vehicle:

This is the most fun, and a powerful four-wheel vehicle which gives you a perfect long ride must try it. This is a full adventure feeling when you are traveling in a comfortable four-wheel vehicle which provides you with more enjoyment and funny moments to be captured for. By this, people get a chance to watch and catch the beautiful heartwarming scenery of this fantastic Arabian desert.

If you are looking for the best desert safari company who provide you maximum fun and fantastic deals, then you should go for our Company. We have amazing packages and offers to excite your memories when you visit this adventurous place.

  • Thrill of Sand Boarding:

If you are true thrill lover, then this sand bashing or sand boarding game is perfect for you. This is actually not for those faint-hearted people, as only thrill lovers have the full heart to do some adventure. As the experienced driver runs through the rough area of sand hills, you can actually feel the blood speeding to the brain. Same as this, squad riding and Sand Boarding are similar but less in the thrill, however, they can efficiently maximize your excitement.

  • Selfie Crazy People in Evening Desert Safari:

While visiting this beautiful evening safari desert, the first thing which is come to our mind is taking selfies. And yes, the tons of scenic beauties will admire you to take a selfie with it. You will have a chance to make a perfect group Selfie with your friends while having fun on the sand hills, enjoy the mesmerizing tour of Evening Safari Desert Dubai.

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