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Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari provide a different kind of luxurious tours for our clients. We create a high-class atmosphere and provide VIP protocol to the people who visit with us. Our staff is so cooperative with guests to give them honor. Our company is totally customer oriented as we do our best professional services for client satisfaction. Desert Safari not only providing Dubai desert services but as well as city tours of United Arab Emirates “Famous one is Dubai City Tour”, Dubai Dhow Cruise Dinner and the Helicopter ride.

Dubai is emerging market for the tourism and business. In last one decade Government of Dubai pay full attention to enhance tourism in the country. So many new laws for the safety of tourists coming to visit UAE and especially Dubai implemented in recent years. They strengthen their security system for the security of tourists and business man. They made new police system dedicated to only for tourism department. The government made new laws and sop's for all the Desert Safari Tours.

Our company is correctly following the SOP’s provided by our government for the safety of our clients. In any desert trip, our vehicles loaded with the latest technology and as well as fully secure for dune bashing. Dune bashing is the thrilling or core part of our any desert trip. It’s a rough ride in the desert in 4X4 Land cruises.

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Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Ever heard stories about the fascinating and magical evening desert safari? If not, so here is an adventurous and mesmerizing glimpse which can surely fill the craving of an adventurous trip. Spending time on this desert safari trip is a wonderful and beautiful experience. The tour starts with a drive to camel farm for the camel ride in Dubai desert then takes tourists to an exciting and heart-racing dune bashing in a land cruiser where there is speedy driving on desert slopes with expert drivers, dune bashing is the thrilling part of our trip. It’s a rough ride in Dubai desert trip. Photos can also be taken to capture those memorable moments.

Back to the campsite, there is Bedouin-style camping with traditional Arabic style dresses given to the tourists which let them feel the beautiful and simple desert life. Riding on “ship of the desert” or camel riding adds an excellent and unique experience to this adventure. All of this is headed by experts so one can enjoy the whole trip without any fear of trying something new. Sand boarding can also be enjoyed on desert slopes with soft sand under your feet, just take sand boarding equipment from the reception of the desert camp.

Quad biking is also included in the trip to enjoy driving by the tourists themselves. This adventure does not end here as there is much more traditional and enchanting to see. Belly dance show also the part of desert safari trip, after dance show our tanoura dancer will perform and at the end of the show we have special fire show.


Morning , Evening & Overnight Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari Tour

You will love the view and it will blow your mind in dubai safari tour. In the night it will look as though the stars are sparkling and sparkling in that huge place. You can likewise watch a bird of prey show. You can ride the camels and the steeds. On the off chance that you like heena art also called mehndi design and need one then you can get a henna art on hand moreover. We think about you and simply need to give you one counsel that you should not go and stroll in the desert alone, dependably bring a visiting guide with you. The evening safari for the most part costs 110 AED per person 4 x 4 pick and drop, 60 AED if you choose Bus pick and drop.

If You are Looking For Enjoyment! Then Desert Safari in Evening is the best place for you!

Why Evening Desert Safari?

  • As the night falls, the campsite fills with bright colors and fire lights.
  • Tourists can have beautiful henna designs on their hands.
  • Traditional performers are there to give visitors the opportunity to come across the charismatic culture of Middle East.
  • With the tasty barbecue dinner serve with water and other drinks, there are customary dance performances like belly dance and tamboura dance.
  • Tanoura dance is religious or soft in nature. Dancers during their performance try to reach the spiritual calmness and develop their viewers the same feeling of peacefulness and restfulness inside them.
  • Their swirling skirts have spectacular patterns designed with the most vibrant and bright colors, seems like there is the storm of colors dancing around you.

Morning Desert Safari

Morning tour is for those who are the early riser or want to enjoy the sunrise in Dubai desert than morning desert safari tour is the best tour for you. After picking driver takes you in the desert for the dune bashing and photo shoot. Enjoy the sunrise in the desert, with camel ride or quad biking. Camel riding in the morning is one the amazing experience and you going to remember it for life time.

Morning Desert Safari Packages

We have two different morning tours; one is early morning desert tour that starts at 4:30 AM it includes camel ride in the desert for twenty minutes and as well as quad biking in open desert for twenty minutes with dune bashing of 40 minutes. Second-morning desert tour starts at 8:30 AM, and it includes dune bashing for 40 minutes, and all other activities are addons.